Cathedral Links

Derby Cathedral School is the first Church of England secondary-phase school within the Diocese of Derby and is a joint venture between the Derby Diocesan Academy Trust (DDAT) and Derby Cathedral. We are excited and privileged to have the cathedral as a working partner. Our aim is to work together to enrich the lives of all involved in Derby Cathedral and Derby Cathedral School.

We have worked with the cathedral on many activities which have included:

  • Holding whole school Christmas services at the cathedral
  • Cathedral staff providing weekly collective worship 
  • Art project based on the stained glass windows at the cathedral
  • School visit to the Museum of the Moon, held at the cathedral
  • School involvement in the installation service of the Bishop
  • Provision of student panel in the interviews for the new Dean
  • School involvement in the installation service of Dean Peter Robinson
  • Cathedral staff representation on the local governing body
  • Cathedral support for a student achievement award trophy
  • Link to the new school house: Bakewell - John Bakewell constructed the rood screen in the cathedral
  • A Christmas card design competition to create the cathedral's annual Christmas card

Further activities are planned, including the creation of a joint working party, for the academic year 2020-21

The Diocese and the Cathedral, under the Bishop’s guidance, have been playing a key role in raising aspirations and opportunities for the young people of Derby. Examples include:

  • The Redfern Commission, chaired by the Bishop of Derby, was made up from a panel of key representatives from local business and cultural organisations to investigate issues and opportunities in the City with the aim of enriching the quality of life for its citizens. It recognised the importance of raising aspiration and self-esteem in young people and forging links between schools and industry.
  • The Cathedral supports the growth of credit unions in the City, set up to help those in a difficult financial situation by providing better access to savings, affordable credit, debt advice and money management skills in the community. LifeSavers (the pilot financial education and savings clubs programme for primary schools run by the children with the local credit union) is planned for Derby as part of the Church’s commitment to equipping children with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage money well.
  • The Bishop and Chapter actively create opportunities for youngsters through their Cathedral Apprenticeships in local commercial outlets. Derbyshire teenager Joseph Grimoldby made the national headlines when he became the first apprentice Cathedral Verger in the country.
  • Music has proved a very successful media in reaching out to young people of all faiths across Derby. This is demonstrated through the establishment of Derby Youth Choir, the use of the Cathedral as a music education hub by East Midlands Orchestra, our work with Jamia Mosque and our Cathedral music tutelage – in particular, the organists – in helping to secure places at Russell Group universities.