Wednesday Staff Challenge

Last week’s staff challenge was brilliant and came from Joseph Fleming… 

"I challenge all the staff for next week’s Wednesday DCS Staff Challenge to go out on a walk (maximum is 1 and a half hours) in their local area and to pick up as much litter as possible, thereby helping the community, showing major FAITH values, going outdoors and being active and finally being a little bit competitive. The winner is the member of staff who collects the most litter (measured in re-usable plastic bags.) I hope you enjoy it and may the best member of the community win!

P.S. protective gloves are recommended, especially at this time. If you don’t have access to Latex gloves or the like, use washing up gloves."



Bring on the next challenge.  We have shown that we are up for a challenge, and have really enjoyed having a go.  If you have any great ideas about what you would like us to try, drop us an email to